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INFOR Point.Man® ERP & ORACLE Development Services

Our experienced software development team has designed and developed successful, cost-effective solutions for users of the INFOR Point.Man ERP system for over 17 years and our approach is always simple ...We work for you! 


Our goal is to help you identify a vision for your overall project requirements and then develop and implement an action plan that brings that vision to life ...on time and on budget.

Our focus is in the backend data. If you need to add or enhance features and/or functions to your INFOR Point.Man ERP system, We can help!  We've built add-on applications, custom workarounds, integrated third party applications/data, and delivered cutting edge business intelligence / reporting services.

We've built these add-on's for INFOR Point.Man ERP over the past 15 years:

  • Point.man reporting solution
  • A/R Credit Manager add on
  • Customer Contracts add on
  • Price List / Rebate Manager add on
  • Commission Manager add on
  • Sales Manager add on
  • Custom Integration / Data Bridges (SCM, CRM, eCommerce ...just bring us your business challenge!)

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