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Prophet 21® Dynachange Services and Custom c# Business Rules: 

As a Microsoft development shop, our engineering team is highly trained and experienced in C# .NET development services. Our P21® experts can help with custom Dynachange® screen changes and our developers can create business rules whenever needed.  We work by the hour, project or retainer, and can also help with Portal design and custom work of all types for your Prophet 21® system.

Here are a few examples of the many recent
Dynachange business rules we've developed and deployed:

  • Auto-convert fields to upper / lower case

  • Validation of fields

  • Auto-formatting fields

  • Address validation using yahoo & fedex

  • Alert for over/under Net GM% and Total Order GM%.

  • Add item Id change to item history, which will then allow for part number change to show in Sales History for part.

  • Automate standard cost updates for multiple locations.

  • Update showroom inventory quantity from IMI Screen.

    Order Entry

  • Custom Item Sales History using lowest cost.

  • Calculate net cost using lowest cost.

  • Update unit price base on user input gm%.

  • Alert manager when total GM% under or above threshold.

  • Alert qty break exists for item and customer.

  • Calculate promise date using safety factor and business days.

  • Control Price Overrides in Order Entry:  Block price override or Override permission by user, product group and min/max margin.

    Item Maintenance

  • Update all locations’ costs upon a single change.


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