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DataLINK API Connector for Prophet 21® Integration Services - Connecting your Prophet 21 ERP system to mainstream best-in-class third party software solutions

Founded in January of 2000 as the IT department spin-off of a publicly traded surgical equipment manufacturer, we've grown to be builders (of applications), miners (of data) and fire fighters (in attacking your special projects & business challenges).  We understand the manufacturing and distribution sectors from the ground-up and from the customer inward.


Our management team has a ton of combined experience in the manufacturing and distribution worlds and our development team has logged tens of thousands of custom development hours working with the Epicor Prophet 21® system since 2007.


We bring you a totally unique mix of technical programming competence, a deep understanding of distribution business processes and a vast amount of experience, learning and understanding of the complex code/framework that the Prophet 21® ERP system is built on.


We have built our own custom DataLINK API middleware to enable  Prophet 21 ERP® software integration services that will open your system up to a much wider range of best-in-class software solutions.


DataLINK was built by us from the ground up for eCommerce, CRM and other third party software connections:


eCommerce ® - now you can tap into the big box solutions like: Magento, aspdotnetstorefront, Big Commerce, and/or other ecommerce systems with our custom DataLINK API's. 


P21 + CRM (customer relationship management) integration with your CRM system or a three way with P21® and your ecommerce solution and your CRM system. Hook up with Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Act CRM or Salesforce CRM ...and/or any other new CRM and Social CRM solutions that offer their own API connectors. 


P21 + SCM (supply chain management) integration, we can build a custom solution to solve your business challenges or bring us a mainstream big box product and we'll take a look at integrating it.


P21 + Third party software integrations for P21® users and software vendors.  If the product has an API (application programming interface) or a WPI; chances are good that we can integrate it very tightly with your P21® system. How about integrating real time with Live chat, Freight solutions, Tax Solutions like; pretty much any other software that you might want to run outside of P21®. Each project is typically custom but we can likely do the data connections needed for 2 way real time data movement.  Just bring us your third party applications and we will take a look to determine if we can integrate them for you.


We also offer portal design and Dynachange® business rules development, SQL Programming and SQL Reporting Services, Custom scripts and we've been building custom software applications (typically starting from $20,000 up to $1 million for enterprise level engineered applications) for over 18 years.  We can help you get more out of your business, start a new online business, or help you get more out your Prophet 21® ERP System.




Prophet 21 Services:  ecommerce integrations here.


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