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Prophet 21® Price List and Contract Management Customizations / Add ons



This is a sample view of the simple contract management console application that we've developed:




Vendor and Customer Price List Update Application:  A packaging and food distribution leader that runs P21 reached out to us with a challenge.

They sell over 20,000 products many of which can change prices weekly. They could not keep up with changes and in passing the price fluctuations along to their customers, creating customer service issues.

We developed a console application that notifies the sales rep when there will be a price modification in Job/Contract Pricing and also helps to manage and import the modifications into P21.

It can be implemented for anyone using Job/Contract Pricing and can be modified to include other types of pricing.


This is a web based customer service Portal
(with secure access to any realtime data that customers need to view)


This is a custom Sales Rep Portal, with secure access to view data.




Founded in January of 2000 as the IT department spin-off of a publicly traded surgical equipment manufacturer, our team has a ton of experience in the manufacturing and distribution sectors and we’ve logged tens of thousands of development hours with the Prophet 21® system since 2007.


We have built our own custom API Middleware to enable custom Prophet 21 ERP software integration services and we are experts in special / custom projects for P21 Users.


Prophet 21 Services:  ecommerce integrations here and other types of integrations here.

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