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Prophet 21® Custom SQL Development Services: 


SQL® Tasks: Custom SQL queries / views, data exports, SSIS & DTS packages, email alerts and triggers.  We can help you get a lot more out of your Prophet 21® system through custom SQL programming services.

Examples of recent custom SQL tasks/projects:

  • Created a trigger to set up an alert – send email notification to recipients when a new customer / contact is created in the system. Currently this is not a possibility using the P21® interface.

  • Created a script to run nightly that will review all tasks that exist as a result of quotes created in the system that have been converted to orders. The script then marks all tasks for these quotes as completed and then marked as closed.

  • Mass data import / export (product images and/or documents in the document links tab, updates to product descriptions, data extractions such as product listings).

  • Created SQL script to un-delete 21,000 items that were mistakenly marked as deleted in the P21® system.

Examples of recent Email Alerts and Triggers:
Most often done using SQL DB Mail and/or combination of custom application + DB Mail.

  • Shipment email confirmation.

  • Open RMA email reminder (customer created RMA but haven’t sent the product back).

  • Email alert/reminder outstanding invoice due.

  • Email alert/reminder for open quotes.

  • Alert Customer Service Reps of scheduled orders about to expire so can they reach out to customer and review.

We are builders (of applications), miners (of data) and fire fighters (in attacking your special projects & business challenges). Our management team a ton of combined experience in the manufacturing and distribution sectors and our team has logged tens of thousands of development hours with the Prophet 21® system since 2007.

We are most often called in for special projects and as problem solvers

We work for you ...on time, on spec and on budget!

We have been honored to serve over 300 Prophet 21
® system users in the past 11 years:  Read what some of our (very kind) clients have to say about working with us!


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