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Prophet 21® custom data feeds for WarehouseTWO® Members

WarehouseTWO® members: We can automate/integrate your P21® inventory sharing data.


What we do (Deliverable):


   We will develop a query (with P21® most likely a view), and an exe application, ftp for each user (part of checklist) that resides on your SQL Server or windows scheduler that will be scheduled to run automatically or can be triggered manually as needed.

Introduction, Estimate and Paperwork:

  •    Schedule a brief introduction and project discovery call (if requested):

1) So you feel more comfortable about allowing access to your server

2) To determine if there are any added  variables that might add time to the project

  •    We will provide a project estimate (WarehouseTWO® members receive a discounted rate for programming services).
  •    We would need the sign off on this form along with a credit card form that would need to be filled out and kept on file for security (all major cards except Discover).

Information that we need to Estimate the Project:

  •     Type /version SQL Server you are running?
  •     A copy of your WarehouseTWO® questionnaire (so we can determine project scope/steps/depth).
  •     Execute an NDA (recommended but this is up to you).

Project Roadmap / What to Expect:

  •     We will need remote access to your SQL Server and if possible, a play database.
  •     Schedule / execute the work (currently within 5-10 business days)
  •     Schedule / coordinate as we push it live
  •     QA project (checks on our side and the WarehouseTWO side to be sure all is working correctly, and as scheduled.

We are builders (of applications), miners (of data) and fire fighters (in attacking your special projects & business challenges). Our management team has a ton of combined experience in the manufacturing and distribution sectors and our development team has logged tens of thousands of development hours with clients that use the Prophet 21® system since 2007.

We are most often called in for special projects and as problem solvers

We work for you ...on time, on spec and on budget!


We are honored to have served over 300 Prophet21
® system users in the past 11 years:  Read what some of our (very kind) clients have to say about working with us!


…On Time, On Spec, and On Budget since January of 2000! 

Please contact us to discuss your challenge today.


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