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Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software custom development services: 

Our focus in the wholesale distribution space is on the Prophet 21® user community.  Our team has worked with over 140 companies (across the USA, Canada ...and as far away as Australia) that use the Epicor Prophet 21® system since 2007.


We bring you a totally unique mix of technical programming competence, a deep understanding of distribution business processes and a vast amount of experience, learning and understanding of the complex code/framework that the Prophet 21® ERP system is built on. 


We've built our reputation in being consultants/advisors first and programmers/developers second. We will always give you our best advice first, and if engaged to execute a project, we will then engineer and deliver an innovative customer-centric solution for your organization, on time, on spec, and on budget.


Our services for Prophet 21® ERP system users:

  • System Enhancements, special projects and challenges..please contact us today to discuss your requirements!


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“ Recent MindHARBOR eCommerce + P21® Integration Projects: and with AspDotNetStorefront, and with Magento, with ROC Commerce, and FPP Outlet with Big Commerce. ”


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Recent Custom Projects:

  • A P21 Pop-Up form, triggered by a rule for extended/custom data management anywhere in P21. This project was in Vendor Supplier Maintenance creating an MRR (Material Rejection Report) quality control form and document link. 

  • We developed a Windows form that is prompted within P21. Form data is fed into P21, displayed, and extracted for reporting needs. Also includes a document link solution.

  • American Express Vendor Payments: AMEX project was an A/P method for paying vendors  generate file from P21 using batch upload template -> query invoices -> results in grid -> generate file in AMEX required format

  • We just completed an A/R project for routing ACH payments directly to customer’s bank account  Use Stored procedure to export ACH payment information into the required back account format w/ email notification.

  • Rental equipment module enhancements & addons.

  • Bulk prices update based on cost, product group, company, location, etc.

  • Order fulfillment tool.

  • Provide forecast to buyers of open orders that don’t have open PO to fulfill Or PO dock date is later than order promise date.