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Rental Equipment Management with Epicor Prophet 21® Wholesale Distribution Software  

Our focus in the wholesale distribution space is on the Prophet 21® user community.  Our team has worked with over 300 companies (across the USA, Canada ...and as far away as Australia) that use the Epicor Prophet 21® system since 2007.


We've built our reputation in being consultants/advisors first and programmers/developers second. We will always give you our best advice first, and if engaged to execute a project, we will then engineer and deliver an innovative customer-centric solution for your organization, on time, on spec, and on budget.


Over the past year we've been engaged in several custom projects in helping users manage, track and grow their Rental Equipment Programs. These projects have resulted in significant improvements for our customers.


If you have challenges with your Rental Equipment programs with your P21® system and would like to consider custom enhancements and process improvements for your organization...


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“ Recent MindHARBOR eCommerce + P21® Integration Projects: and with AspDotNetStorefront, and with Magento, with ROC Commerce, and FPP Outlet with Big Commerce. ”


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Other Recent Custom Projects:

  • A P21 Pop-Up form, triggered by a rule for extended/custom data management anywhere in P21. This project was in Vendor Supplier Maintenance creating an MRR (Material Rejection Report) quality control form and document link. 

  • We developed a Windows form that is prompted within P21. Form data is fed into P21, displayed, and extracted for reporting needs. Also includes a document link solution.

  • Rental module enhancements & addons.

  • Bulk prices update based on cost, product group, company, location, etc.

  • Order fulfillment tool.

  • Provide forecast to buyers of open orders that don’t have open PO to fulfill Or PO dock date is later than order promise date



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